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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Huge Changes In-Store for Wasatch/Squatters

There are massive changes coming soon to Wasatch and Squatters in the coming weeks, some are already hitting shelves. Settle-in and get your ass comfy, we have a lot to cover.

First off, look for a new face for Provo Girl. This poor girl has gone through more changes than Mystique at a schizophrenic fashion show. The brand is moving from Squatters to Wasatch. The reasoning? it fits better with Wasatch's more irreverent branding. The beer will not change.

Your going to see a new look to the bottles and cans as well, the bottles will have a new shape and will be custom embossed and the cans and carriers will have a black background with new artwork.

Due to more legal bullshit, Wasatch Summerbrau is now "Last One in Lager" and Wasatch Winterfest will have a new name by next winter. They're still working on that one. 

Polygamy Porter is getting a new - big brother. Polygamy Porter Nitro will be a 6% bottled beer that will be nitrogen conditioned without a nitro widget in the bottle. No firm release date, as if yet. The original Polygamy Porter will still be available as well.

If you hang out at Squatter's Brewpub at all your probably familiar with their Wee Peat Scottish Ale on draft. This beer is also getting a big brother, a 5.6% ABV interpretation on the style. 

In a world with hundreds, if not thousands of "interesting" IPA names marketers for the Utah Brewers Cooperative have found it difficult to market a beer that's simply called Squatters IPA. So in the coming months look for Squatters "Off Duty IPA". Same delicious IPA - new name. 

Squatters Black Forest Schwartzbier: One of Squatters most award winning beers, is going into bottle production as well. The new version will be a 6% ABV companion to its predecessor. 

Squatters Bumper Crop Lavender was originally a small batch, bottle series produced at Squatters Brewpub. It proved popular and a 4% ABV version was also made - now it is also getting the full bottle treatment with a 5.5% ABV Version, that will be for sale outside of the brewpub. 

As many of you may already know, Wasatch has a new Brewpub coming to the Sugar House area. The pub will have its own pilot brew system - with added space for barrel aging beer. The section of the block where the new brewpub is located is still under construction - Not sure when it's scheduled to open. 

If you are a fan of Wasatch's Switch it's due back the second or third week of May. Switch started out as Wasatch White Label that was barrel aged in Obtuse Port Wine barrels. Not sure if this batch uses the same brand of port but it should be interesting. 

If you haven't completed voting on round two of the Utah Beer Challenge, it's time to get your shit together. It ends Wednesday morning, then the Sweet Sixteen round begins immediately after, that's when the choices start to really get tough. Ballots are in the column to the right.



kent said...

Holy crap that is a shakeup. I can't wait to get hold of some Switch. That thing was delish. I can certainly see the point about Squatter's IPA as well. Every time I have it it's awesome, but I always forget it's there just waiting for me.

Ray said...

I was able to try the new Polygamy porter, holy shit is it good!

Mikey said...

I think I have one Switch left. May have to do a comparison.

Looks like I'm gunna have to drop by the Co-op and do some "porter begg'n", eh Ray?

Squatters Pubs said...

Thanks Mikey! We are excited about the new things on the horizon.

Ray said...

A friend had some, seriously it's fucking good!

Craig said...

Thanks for all the great info Mikey!