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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Palisade Brewing Possibly Comming to Utah

It's pretty obvious that the the Wasatch Front (SLC in general) gets most of the beer love in the state. If it has to do with new beer, it'll probably be happening up here.

While looking over a poster for the upcoming Moab Beer Festival I noticed an unfamiliar logo in the sponsor section that got got me currious. The resolution was too small to make out the name and it took a little digging and a random trip to Grand Junction, but the mysterious sponsor turned out to be from Palisade Brewing out of Grand Junction, Colorado.

After speaking with an employee from Palisade he confirmed they were looking at pouring their beer at the Moab Fest and that there was a possibility that their Hula Hoppy Session IPA may be sold at some point in Moab, Green River, Vernal and Price, Utah. We'll keep you updated.

There's still one day left in the final four round of the Utah Beer Challenge. I've been monitoring the voting and there are some interesting developments. If you haven't voted, it's time to do so. Ballots are in the column to the right.


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