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Friday, April 25, 2014

New Beer Friday 4/25/14

Today's New Beer Friday offers some big, rich examples of Belgian beers. These are not for the timid tongue.

Trappistes Rochefort 6: Rocheforts 10 and 8 have been in the market for quite some time. This is the little brother to these world renowned Trappist ales. It starts with cherry notes along with rum-soaked raisins and grapes. Bready sweetness comes next with a clove-like spiciness.Some alcohol dryness in the finish. Sweet and very drinkable. 7.5% ABV @Beer Bar

St. Feuillien Speciale: It has a clean, delicious flavor and a beautiful, elegant condition. Carbonation is fine, the foam collar is creamy. Speciale is dark brown, very full bodied and very flavorful. Aromas and flavors of fig, date and currants mingle with allspice, cinnamon and cocoa on the palate and in the nose. 9.0%ABV @Bayou

Well I defiantly didn't see this coming, being a big sour/wild ale guy I would have thought at least one sour would have made it to the finals. I think it goes to show that sour ales are still an acquired taste for many. That being said, our finalist are two strong competitors that have a massive following here in Utah. I think it's appropriate that these two completely different beers go head to head.

RedRock's Elephino is one damn fine, juicy Double IPA. It's full of juicy tropical fruits, grapefruit, nectarine and pineapple with a hint of dry pine. F'n Delicious.

Epics's Big Bad Baptist is full of big espresso flavors atop a bed of molasses-like malts. Vanilla & Bourbon round out the end, creating a massive flavor punch.

The Finals will begin Monday morning. Here are the results from the Final Four Round. Look over the bracket when you have a second. Any comments or questions on how the competition has gone so far?


Total Answer
68.13%RedRock Elephino DIPA
109 (68.13%)
31.88%Squatters Fifth Element
51 (31.88%)
(160 Total Votes)
Total Answer
55.97%Epic Big Bad Baptist
89 (55.97%)
44.03%Squatters 529
70 (44.03%)
(159 Total Votes)


kent said...

Well I'm not really surprised, but I am disappointed.

Erick said...

529 is still #1 in my book :)

DJ said...

Some of it might have to do with the limited availability and price tag of the very few sours in the state, specifically, 529. As a result, many a Utahn, even your readers may not have tried it. As a result, it seems unreasonable to vote for a beer they've never had. I say this because I love sour beers, yet despite my time here in Utah, have never had a 529. Just my biased opinion.

Mikey said...

By the way today's firkin at the Bayou is the Annex's Golden Ale with Simcoe hops.

Mikey said...

I believe 529 returns in July or August. FYI

russell jack said...

5th element and 529 are my two favorites. i agree that people probably forget about them as they are very seasonal. squatters on their facebook page said 5th element is coming june/july, and 529 in the fall.

DJ said...

I heard Fifth Element was to be bottled in late summer, with 529 next spring. But I heard this a while ago and you probably know better than I!

Ed said...

I thought the same thing as DJ. People tend to give a beer extra points for rarity/scarcity, but maybe it hurt in this case. Meanwhile, Elephino is an awesome beer that you can get whenever you'd like--so that's a good thing.