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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Utah Beer Challenge Begins!

Okay - Today marks the beginning of The first part of round one. Right off the bat there are a couple of breweries that have their own beers going head to head. Remember, this is about the individual beer not the brewery. I'm already seeing some tough calls and there are more coming - trust me.

I'll post the results of the voting at the end of each round - along with the bracket so you can see ehat match-ups are coming. All the match-up were generated randomly. If you haven't figured it out, the ballots are in the right column.

Feed back is welcome. Please have fun.



Mikey said...

I've noticed that the voting plug in allows you to vote multiple times if you refresh your browser, however only the first vote cast seems to register. None of the other are tallied. whew !

russell jack said...
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