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Friday, October 31, 2014

New Beer Friday: Halloween Edition

Welcome to this special Halloween Edition of New Beer Friday! Today we have a new brews from local and out of state Booeries. See what I did there? I said, "booeries instead of "breweries".... because it's Halloween! ..... never mind, here are your beers.

Sadly, I've not had one of these beers. All descriptions are from the makers. The new beers from the Beer Bar are scheduled to arrive today and may not be available until after 5pm, so call first if your making a special trip.

Hoppers - Pumpkin Ale (Unspiced): Secret Agent and Hoppers Brewmaster Donovan Steele has a pumpkin ale - who doesn't, right? The difference is his has the pumpkin but no traditional pumpkin pie spices. The only spice like flavor is from the variety of hops used. The ale is made with fresh roasted pumpkin and pumpkin puree. Brown malt, caramel, honey malt, oats, and roasted barley to enhance the pumpkin flavors and texture. 4.0% ABV @ Hoppers

Oakshire Brewing - Watershed IPA: Brand new to the Utah market. Described as having a floral nose with lemon and hints of caramel. The taste has toasted grains followed by grapefruit, pine and some floral notes. 6.7% ABV @ Beer Bar

Base Camp - S'more Stout: Aromas of chocolate, coffee, fig, and smoke invite you in to a gigantic maltiness that is distinct in its smooth and refined character, with flavors of chocolate and hints of smoke mingling with rich caramel, fruit, and warming alcohol.  Top with a roasted marshmallow and you have the ultimate S’more experience! 7.7% ABV @ Beer Bar

Base Camp - Northwest Fest
: Base Camp's take on the malt-forward fest biers of Bavaria. Extensive malt aroma and taste trials over the last two years led us in crafting this recipe, a subtly-hopped amber lager that walks the line between dry and full-bodied, not too sweet but definitely not lacking in malty goodness.  Lagered on our in-house toasted oak to round out this brew’s flavor profile. 5.6% ABV @ Beer Bar

Hopworks - Fuggle IPX: Fuggle hops are typically floral and grassy so look for that along with a bit of light caramel malt. 6.0% ABV @ Beer Bar

Hopworks - Abominable Winter Ale: This is described as a Winter IPA. Look for toasty Munich and light caramel malts with a medley of citrus fruit notes from the hops. @ Beer Bar

Woodchuck - Granny Smith Cider: Brilliantly clear golden hue. The nose is simply apple. The taste is tart green apple. Not jaw locking tart but enough to feel in your cheeks. The are some tannin notes in the end. Very drinkable. 5.0% ABV draft @ Beer Bar (This one is on right now)

By the way, Heretic Brewing did confirm that they are bringing their beers to SLC in early 2015.


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