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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Anderson Valley's Gose, Goes to the Market

Low ABV sour beers are a hot commodity in the market right now. They work well with our state's draft beer constrictions and their popularity among craft beer drinkers is on the rise. Many locals have been looking to such sour beers as the Annex's Berliner Weiss, Sour IPA - Avenues Proper's Gose The Gozarian - Uinta's Birthday Suit ales and their forth coming Ready Set Gose.

Another thing driving the popularity of these sour mash beers is that they can be produced much quicker and in greater quantities than wild ales, which often take months of maturation. One of the more popular sour beers to enter the market in recent months is Anderson Valley Brewing Company's "The Kimmie the Yink and the Holy Gose". This is a German style sour beer made with a minor amount of salt added to the beer for taste and balance.

This Anderson Valley offering is so popular that many locals have been buying it via special orders because the DABC can't meet the demand. All of that is about to change. Anderson Valley has dialed down their Gose's ABV by two notches (4.2 to 4.0%)  - and in the coming weeks look for Anderson Valley's standard "The Kimmie, the Yink, and the Holy Gose" and their "Blood Orange Gose" to hit grocery store shelves and tap handles sometime in September.

If you haven't tried these or any of the other local sour beer offerings now is the perfect time to get to know them. They're perfect warm weather quenchers and the acidity levels in the beers make them less filling. I'll let you know as soon as they arrive.



kent said...

Tears of joy are running down my cheeks! Please as soon as anyone spots them give a holler.


Mike said...

Best news I've heard all day!