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Friday, August 28, 2015

New Beer Friday 8/28/15

Wow August is almost over, that means the falls beers should be getting into full swing. While most of these are not "fall beers", there is a nice theme happening in regards to the pale ales. They're not the typical varieties we've been seeing as of late.

Anchor IPA - This is not Anchors Liberty Ale which is widely regarded as the mother of American IPAs. This is a new IPA that pays tribute to the American IPAs of the early 90s. It's mostly pine and malt driven with some peach and berry notes. 6.5% ABV @ Bayou & DABC

Upslope Thai IPA - It's the Thai basil and ginger that really sets this one apart. The IPA at it's base has pleasant caramel sweetness with citrus and pine beneath the spices. You'll either love it or hate it. I quite liked it. 6.5% ABV @ Bayou - Beer Bar

Upslope Imperial IPA - Nice citrus hop driven IIPA. It is a little boozy with some nice tropical flavors and pine in the finish. 10% ABV. @ Bayou - Beer Bar

Green Flash Hop Odyssey 30th Street IPA - Very herbal with little malt backbone. A nice change from the sweet and fruity American IPA.  6.0% ABV. Bayou - Beer Bar

Shades of Pale - Beer X Galaxy/Centennial IPA - Citrus peel and some pineapple notes with a piney resinous finish.

Shades of Pale - Beer X Beehive Gin Barrel Aged Pale Ale - Boozy nose of pine and berries. Taste is much more subtle - juniper with a bit of tartness in the back. Finishes with citrus peel. Damn tasty beer from SOP, grab some at the brewery or Beer Bar. 7.0% ABV

Ace Pumpkin Cider - Not tried this one yet. Anyone? 5% ABV. @ Bayou


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