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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Uinta Get's Bonefide

That's right, H.I. Uinta is finally Bonafide!  Ever since the brewery started making high point beer back in the mid 90s. there was one thing you weren't allowed to do with their high abv beers - drink 'em at the brewery! Now finally after 22 years, that final b.s. restriction has finally been lifted.

Yesterday at the Utah Division of Alcohol Control's meeting - Uinta was finally awarded a highly coveted club licence, allowing them to serve liquor - which in Utah is any alcoholic beverage that exceeds 4% Alcohol by Volume.

The license goes into effect immediately. So baring any hiccups you can buy a Labyrinth to enjoy at the brewery's new brew house pub.

And for God's sake, please call first if you'retraveling out of your way!!!! (801) 467-0909



Matthew said...

That's beautiful! Now we just need high point on tap to round out the true brewery experience!


Jim said...

Awesome. Matthew, I agree about strong beer on tap... Though I suspect Uinta doesn't :-(

Unknown said...

Yeah, it's the local breweries themselves who are shamelessly opposing high-point taps in Utah. If the local brew drinkers had any strength of will as a community, we would start FORCEFULLY letting Uinta, Wasatch, & Squatters know what we think about this shitty tactic. It wouldn't take much in the way of protestations, I bet, before they would cave.

Sean Landis said...

I used to think it was a tactical decision by the local breweries not to push for normal beer on tap. But as I've come to know more people in the business, I do not think this is an accurate generalization. Some breweries maybe are not in a hurry, but I think most would love to be able to keg all their beer.

Patrick Bourque said...

I would like to see some evidence that Utah big breweries are all in on this conspiracy theory to keep 4% on tap. I agree with Sean, the more people I meet in the brewing community the more I realize that that's just not true. Unita's new pub has around 20 taps, and not enough 4% beers to put on them. I'm sure they would jump at the opportunity to fill those taps with their stronger line up, including their new flag ship and current best seller Hop Nosh.