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Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Canned Growlers from Wasatch & Squatters

It's Thursday or "little friday" (as we call it around here). That means it's growler time at Epic Brewing. This week's prepackaged growler will feature Epic's Sprial Jetty IPA. As always, don't forget your to trade in your old growler(s).

Speaking of new packaging trends, Wasatch/Squatters is moving forward with a new way of packaging "to-go beer". In the coming days, you'll be able to take home 32 ounce canned beers from Squatters and Wasatch. As you can see above - these containers are like growlers but will be sealed and served like a typical canned beer. For now the beers will be draft offerings - however down the road, they may be offering some of their higher gravity beers, in a similar fashion to Epic's new prepackaged growlers.

I can see these being a massive hit. Cans are perfect for active lifestyles and they travel very well. For now they will only be for sale at the Utah Brewers Cooperative's Beer Store and will be around $4 a fill. Brilliant!

The image above is not of the UBC's growler canner, but it is similar.


Photo: Clearwater Gazette

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