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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Epic's Weekly Growler: Sour IPA

Your Weekly Growler from Epic Brewing is an experimental beer that will only be available in Salt Lake City at Epic's brewery. Many of you may have tried The Annex's Sour IPA that has been floating around the Sugar House brewpub and some of the better beer spots around town.

This beer is similar to that - in that it's also a Sour IPA but with greater ABV (around 5.5%) and it will have a slightly different hop bill. As of now, Epic is just calling it "Sour IPA". Look for a beer that will likely have a lemony citrus and floral dominate nose with sour green apples, flowery bitterness and resiny citrus peel backing it up.

Last Thursday, Epic sold 98% of their Spiral Jetty growlers that day. I would expect that the rare nature of this beer and it's sour components will make this one a hot commodity. So don't procrastinate.

And don't forget to exchange your old growlers!

Speaking of Growlers - Vernal Brewing Company will be previewing their new "high point" IPA via growlers next week. Vernal's .50 Caliber IPA is still in the tanks and is expected to dial in around 8.6% ABV. This IPA will be in prepackaged growlers like Epic's. No word yet on what day it will be available or how many growlers will be for sale yet - we will of course let you know.

Look for 50 Caliber IPA in cans in the coming weeks.


1 comment:

Matthew said...

The ABV came in at 4.7% according to the cap, and is selling for $16 on the Sour IPA. Definitely a little more tart/sour than hop so it is quite a bit different then The Annex variety. It is delicious!