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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Epic Sour Brainless on Pineapple

Epic's Sour Brainless series has become quite the hit with sour beer nuts ever since it debuted back in 2014 with the very limited release of "A Beautiful Disaster". Basically, this was an unintentionally infected barrel of Brainless on Peaches that was identified to have highly desirable, strong puckering acetic…and horsey funk flavors. The beer was bottled and sold only after it was analyzed and duplicated - It's now know as Epic's Sour Brainless.

The last couple of releases of this beer has been the classic Sour Brainless on Peaches - this year they're going for something a little different. Pineapple is the chosen fruit to balance out the puckering tartness in this uniquely wild American ale. We're still waiting to hear when this new beer will be released. Denver will like see this sooner than SLC - as soon as those dates are firmed-upped you'll see it here first.

Also in Epic's world, their Elevated Series of beers is getting a slight make-over [just the labels]. Nothing too extreme, just a little polish - so, don't freak out. The new labels will be hitting shelves soon. 


Labels found at Shipcomplient.com

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