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Friday, July 29, 2016

New Beer Friday 7/29/16

I've only come across two beers this week and they couldn't be more different. A sour fruity IPA and a chewy Bourbon barrel aged Dopplebock. This New Beer Friday will give your tongue whiplash!

Uinta Pit Stop Sour Apricot IPA - This beer is being released today at the brewery. I've not had it yet, but will have a review at 3:30pm on KBER 101 with Mick and Allen. 6.2% ABV @ Uinta

Payette Hoop and Stave No.5 -Whiskey nose with a a bit of sugary toffee. The taste is fairly sweet with big chewy toffee and caramel leading off. Bourbon comes next - not too over powering, it works well with the dopplebock's hearty body. A bit of alcohol heat in the end. Finishes sweet and boozy. 8.2% ABV @ Beer Bar

Did I miss anything? Please let me know.


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