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Friday, July 01, 2016

New Beer Friday: Independence Edition

Many of you may have a long Independence Weekend. It's looks to be hot and windy out there, luckily our two New Beer Friday options will take the edge off your thirst nicely.

Mountain West Cottonwood Dry Hopped Cider - Dry apple with herbal and citrus hops in the nose. The taste is subtle tart apples. The hops are nicely complimentary and provide a added herbal/fruity element. Finishes very dry with prickly champagne like effervescence. If your on the fence about ciders, this one may push on to the orchard side. Mountain West's Vinologist, Joel Goodwillie has created a perfect summer drink that is very approachable and highly crushable. Available starting today at Mountain West's Cidery. 6.0% ABV

Full Sail Blood Orange Wheat - There's a pleasant biscuit, caramel malt flavor up front that has some saison-like qualities. Next comes blood orange juice, and artificial sweetener flavors. The finish has a mild bitterness that slightly piney on the finish.  Light and mildly tangy. 5.2% ABV @DABC

The Great Divide Beers are starting to pop up at a few DABC stores and a few of the beer bars. I know Beer Bar and Slackwater have picked some up. If you spot some, please share where you found them. Have a happy and safe weekend.



ZB said...

I would also like to add that after 4 years of promises i have finally spotted strong Moab beers @ the kimball junction pc liquor store.

Moab Red Rye IPA 7% 16oz cans
Moab Pale Ale 16oz cans

Diamond Mind said...

This photo makes me uncomfortable...

Mikey said...

@ZB, we have our white Wale!
@Diamond Mind, a little close to home, eh?