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Friday, July 15, 2016

New Beer Friday's Go Edition

One day we'll have our own App that'll have you running all over the universe looking for bottles and cans of brilliant real beers. Until then you'll just have to get off your ass [under your own motivating factors] and settle for some good ol' fashioned New Beer Friday.

RedRock Gineva - Yea! been waiting on this one for a while. A lot of juniper berries in the nose. The taste starts with coriander with a bit of tart juniper. The end moves to the yeasty side a big phenolic flavors take over. Would have liked to had a little more of the berry present. Finishes semi-sweet. 5.5% ABV @ RedRock

Rogue Honey Kolsch - The nose is grainy and grassy with white grape. The taste is much the same with white grape juice and honey flavors on the finish. There is a very mild amount of hop bitterness on the palate with each sip. 5.9% ABV @ DABC

Hoppers Summerset Saison - Technically this isn't new, but it has been tweaked since it's long-ago debut in 2011. So I'm taking a Beer Gnerd liberty on this one. The first release of Summerset was hopped with Citra hops - this batch is dry hopped with German Mandarina Bavaria in place of Citra. More subtle with more dimensional in flavor and aroma with tangerine and spice. Base hasn't changed with Pilsener malt, malted spelt, and hint of raw oats. Upfront malty yet bright and the finish is fruity a dry. 7.4% ABV @ Hoppers after 5pm today [Friday].

Proper La Belle Peche -Not tried this one yet. Available starting today. @ Proper Brewing


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