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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Uinta Piggy Back Peach IPA

We've got another preview of new suds coming from Uinta. This new offering will be called Piggy Back Peach IPA. The name is pretty self explanatory and it looks like it will be packaged in twelve ounce cans. There's no ABV listed, which tends to lead in the direction of this being a 4.0% beer.

I haven't had many peach IPAs, though I am a big fan of Odell's Tree Shaker. Really looking forward to trying this one. Of course I'll fill you in when it hits taps and shelves.


Image found at Shipcompliant.com


Shane Smith said...

Cool label!

Zack Marben said...

Did Uinta ever release this beer? I was looking forward to this one, but never found it.

Mikey said...

@Zach. - it's on tap at the brewery. Don't know if it's the official release though.