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Friday, August 12, 2016

New Beer Friday 8/12/16

In the beer world it's already Autumn. Our selection today are starting to reflect that. Here are this week's options.

2 Row/Later Day Brewers Collaboration Nut Brown Ale - The nose is subtle with mostly malt and no hops. The taste starts with creamy malt and a touch of caramel, very smooth. A bit of toffee and toast comes in next. No hops in the flavor but they do come up for balance in the finish. It does develop a slight nuttiness as it warms. Great Brown Ale. 5.8% ABV @ 2 Row, BeerHive

Uinta Fest Helles - The nose is malty with biscuit and grass. The flavor starts with a hint of honey, graham cracker and more biscuit. Spicy hops punch-in to balance it out and actually tend to try it out a bit. The result is a remarkably smooth and highly drinkable lager with a semi-dry finish. A perfect prelude for Autumn. Packaged in a 22 ounce bottle 5.5% ABV @ Uinta, Bayou

Base Camp Hop in the Pool Helles - The nose has malt, grain, grass, and slight citrus zest aromas. The taste similar lightly malty some toast with citrus zest. There is a mild amount of hop bitterness with tropical fruit flavors on the finish. A nicely crisp mouthfeel. 4.9% ABV @ Beer Bar

Base Camp Pilgrimage Saison - The nose is yeasty with spices, fruits, and light bready malt. The taste has light malts, fruits, spices, and big Belgian yeast notes. Finishes a bit sweet.7.1% ABV @ Beer Bar

Base Camp Nomadic Blood Orange Double IPA - Hoppy tropical nose with tangerine and malt. The taste starts with caramel malts. Huge pithy orange flavors come next with a big dose of brettanomyces doughiness. Big hop bitterness rounds out the end. Finishes somewhat dry. The flavors tend to get a little muddled here. There's a lot going on. 9.0% ABV @ Beer Bar

Lagunitas Aunt Sally - The nose has tart peach, mixed berries and earthy grass. The tastes starts tart with acidic citrus, lemon, orange and some peach. Strawberry and raspberry come next with a bit of mild pine rounding it out. Overall a really nice sour ale. Very tasty! 5.7% ABV @ Beerhive

The Melvin Brewing beers should be popping up this evening (or not). I'll hopefully have an update by 5pm as to where they end up. 

And just a reminder that Snowbird's Oktoberfest starts this weekend. It runs every weekend through October 9th.


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Mikey said...

Beerhive will have them for sale by 5pm, Today (6/12/16)