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Monday, August 08, 2016

New Uinta Beer Trailers

I thought it would be nice to start off the week with some more "beer trailers". You know, they're like movie trailers, except they preview beers. Today we have a couple of beers that will be coming their way from Uinta.

The first beer we're profiling is actually the return of a very, very limited release that Uinta kegged last February. Uinta's 801 Coffee Pilsner was just as the name described a pilsner infused with coffee. If that sounds odd to you? then you must not like coffee. The beer was actually brilliant blend of two seeming opposites. The result was a beer clear as a pils with the flavor of a cappuccino. Not sure when this beer will make it in to 22oz. bottles and kegs - of course I'll spread the word.

The other beer trailer is for Uinta's Season Pass Vanilla Porter (pictured top). This makes me very happy because I freak'n love vanilla porters! Not sure what the ABV will be on this one yet, but it will come in 12oz. cans. This will likely be a Autumn or Winetr release. Stay close for updates.


Images found at Shipcomplient.com

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