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Friday, August 05, 2016

New Beer Friday - Stone Cold Edition

I guess the big news this week is probably Stone Brewing Company's entry into the market. There's also the big, new release from RedRock that'll have you waiting in line if you want to take some home that is.

RedRock Forbidden Peach - The nose is big with fresh peaches, funky saison notes and a bit of oak. The flavor follows with a lightly sour fresh peach flavor, hints of oak and a subtle tart smack. The dry/tart/sweet balance here is really nice. Medium bodied, some prickly plus carbonation, fruity and smooth. 8.4% ABV @ RedRock locations - To-go sales begin Saturday 8/6/16 at 11am.

Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale - The nose has piney hops, caramel, fudge and maple syrup. The taste is big with caramel, maple syrup, bready and slight roasty and nutty. Also a lot of really robust hop character, pine resin, florals, lots of aggressive hi-alpha hops, rich dried fruit cake, with raisin and prune notes. Finishing with a nice dry bitter finish. 7.2% ABV @ Beer Bar, BeerHive & Slackwater

Stone IPA - The nose has orange peel, grapefruit and sweet malt. The fruit from the nose returns up front, but soon opens up into a spectacular array of grassy, resiny, sharp hop flavors and spices. Bitterness is high throughout, but the fruity and malty sweetness balances it rather well while still allowing it that hop smack. Very drinkable. 6.9% ABV @ Beer Bar, BeerHive & Slackwater

Stone Delicious IPA - The nose is lemony with faint pine resin. The taste has biscuit and malts up front giving way to a very citrusy hop profile. Strong notes of lemon and lime, with mild grapefruit and faint pine. Spicy and peppery... really dances on the tongue with the generous carbonation. A little sticky and oily.... finish is dry and clean. 7.7% ABV @ Beer Bar, BeerHive & Slackwater

Stone Ruination - The nose has oranges and peache notes with grapefruit and a little pine. The taste has a big grapefruit explosion, with other fruits coming through more subtly. Big resinous pine finish with pleasantly strong bitterness. It's malt forward but the fruity, bitter hops are the main show here. Alcohol is well hidden.8.5% ABV @ Beer Bar, BeerHive & Slackwater

Stone Who You Callin' Wussie Pilsner - The nose has grassy hops and toasty/grainy malts. The taste starts with grainy malts with notes of bread, grain, cracker, and a bit of sweetness. Hops come through next with floral and grassy notes mostly along with some lemon. Finishes fairly clean with a slight bit of hops lingering. Great Pils. 5.8% ABV @ Beer Bar, BeerHive & Slackwater

If you see these anywhere not listed please share where you saw them.


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