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Friday, August 26, 2016

New Beer Friday: Utah Beer Fest Edition

Talisman Triple IPA - This beast of an IPA uses Mosaic, Citra and Falconers Flight hops to balance out the big chewy malts, of what is likely the bigest IPA made in the state. This is a very limited release and it will appear under Talisman's new, Talisman Presents label only available at the brewery. 11.3% ABV

Squatters Old Castle Brown Ale - This English style brown ale will have a low hop profile with a moderate amount of malt sweetness combined with a nice level toastiness. This beer is deck and ready to go on tap as soon as the current Brewmasters Special blows. Which should probably be Saturday or Sunday. If you making a special trip to try this beer, I'd call first to make sure. 4.0% ABV @ Squatters Downtown

Stone  Citrusy Wit - The nose has mostly lemon peel and coriander. The taste has citrus peel and lemon with a hint of orange of the top. Next comes coriander spiciness from the yeast. The end is mostly bittering hops combined with lemon balm. Finishes semi dry with a lingering aftertaste. Light, tangy and refreshing. 5.3% ABV @ Beer Bar, Beerhive, Slackwater

Stone  Mocha IPA - This has a nice ruby appearance with a nose of coffee, citrus and chocolate. The taste starts fairly malty with added chocolate and subtle coffee. Big resinous pine and citrus hops back this up providing a herbal bite. The end is dry and roasty. The alcohol while, not overbearing, is certainly noticeable. I want love this beer, but the IPA/cocoa/coffee combo is just too muddled for me. What do you think? 9.0% ABV @ Beer Bar, Beerhive, Slackwater

Stone 20th Anniversary Encore Series: 6th Anniversary Porter - I haven't tried this one yet. It's described having cranked up malts and hops and conditioned on French and American oak, which accentuates the porter’s distinctive smokiness and amplified its chocolate and roast coffee flavors while also adding subtle notes of toffee, cherries, dried berries and vanilla. 8.0% ABV @ Beer Bar, Beerhive, Slackwater

Shades of Pale X35 White IPA - This one is made with San Diego super strain yeast, this completely changes the beer. Pours Crystal clear, soild bitterness slight grapefruit citrus. 6.5% ABV @Shades if Pale

Shades of Pale Beer X Sour Porter - Roasty and semi-dry with a smack of funky sourness. If you've never had a sour Porter this is your day to get to SOP. If you get over there tonight you enjoy a bottle at the brewery. After tonight you can buy some to go. Only at Shades of Pale.

Don't forget the Utah Beer Festival is tomorrow. There's going to be a shload of great beers this year, with over 150 different option from all over. Ritual Brewing Company out of SoCal will be debuting their beers in the market at the festival as well. They make really great beers, be sure to stop by their booth.

I understand that if you already have your electronic beer fest wristband it gets you a free ride to and from on Trax. So look into getting those before tomorrow.

City Weekly also has their Beer Issue out right now. It's worth checking out.

Here's an incomplete list of some of the breweries that'll be pouring their beers tomorrow. Hope to see you there!

2 Row Brewing
Ritual Brewing
Anderson Valley Brewing
Bohemian Brewing
Bonneville Brewing
Desert Edge Brewing
Epic Brewing
Great Divide Brewing
Hoppers Grill and Brewing
Hopworks Urban Brewery
Laughing Dog Brewing
Moab Brewing
Mountain West Cider
Proper Brewing Company
Red Rock Brewing
Sockeye Brewing
Upslope Brewing
Vernal Brewing
Full Sail Brewing
New Belgium Brewing
Ninkasi Brewing
Park City Brewing
Pelican Brewing
Roosters Brewing
Selkirk Abbey
Sierra Nevada
Shades of Pale Brewing
Strap Tank Brewing
Strongbow Cider
Squatters Beers
Talisman Brewing
Uinta Brewing
Wasatch Beers



Aaron Saxon said...

Hope you all have a "Happy Utah Beerfest!" Sorry to miss out on the good times! Jade and I will be at the Reno Canfest instead!

Shane in SLC said...

Shades of Pale isn't listed on the festival web site or map, to my surprise. Any idea why Payette isn't participating this year?

Mikey said...

Just because they're not listed doesn't nessisarily mean they aren't there. However, Shades of Pale won't be there.