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Friday, September 02, 2016

New Beer Friday 9/2/16

Just two beers this week but they are damn tasty, quality beers. Try and work these in sometime this Labor Day Weekend.

RedRock Brauhaus Festbier - It has a nice light ruby red color with some slight brown hues. The nose has Caramel and butterscotch notes. The taste starts sweet with vanilla and toffee. Granola flavors come next with bready danish pastry round out the back end. Little to no hop bitterness is perceived.
The finish is surprising semi-dry. This beer is like cereal in a glass. Wonderfully malty with a medium body. If Your looking to get your "Oktoberfest on" - this will treat you nicely. This goes on sale 11am Saturday morning at RedRock's Bottle Shop. 5.9% ABV @ RedRock locations, Beerhive

Squatters Nitro Red Ale - This beer was just bottled last night and will likely go on sale at the UBC's Beer Store somtime this afternoon. Please call first on this one before making the trip. Look for a beer that has creamy nitro goodness that will play off of Fruity and pine hops. The malts will be biscuity and have a dry hoppy finish. Can't wait to try this one today! 4.0% ABV @ The Beer Store (soon to all Squatters/Wasatch locations) Wide distribution soon.


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Matthew said...

Bauhaus is available at the brewery today. Just picked some up.

Thanks Mikey!