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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Annex is No More

The Annex by Epic Brewing is done, gone, no more. It's been relegated to the pages of Utah's beer history. In It's place?... well, it's still the same brewpub we all love, it just has a different name. Epic Brewing Sugar House is the re-branding of Salt Lake City's southern most brewpub, that probably way overdue. 

The Annex has done a fair amount of business, but it's struggled to find a following. On the flip side, the Epic Brewing brand is enjoy massive growth both in and out of Utah. It only makes sense that Utah's only [appropriately sized] Epic Brewpub should ride some of that wave.

If you're a fan of Epic's beers and haven't visited Epic - Sugar House, it is [in my opinion] the best way to enjoy Epic's complete line of beers. Yeah, Epic's Tapless Taproom at the downtown brewery is tiny, quaint and close to the brewing action. However I'd like to emphasize the "tiny part". A party of four is pretty much filling up the place. The advantage of Epic - Sugar House? It has everything The State Street brewery has, including the full line of of Epic's Utah Session Series beers - not to mention greater elbow room, spacious patio, flat-screen, a bottleshop, a more diverse dinning experience and of course every Epic beer served by the glass, not just the whole bottle.

This is a great time to re-familiarize yourself with this great craft beer jewel in Sugar House.


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Shane Smith said...

You gave me a fright there for a second, I thought it had closed! Good to see it's only a rebrand. The Annex was one of my favourite spots when I lived in SLC.