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Friday, September 09, 2016

New Beer Friday: Rivalry Edition

If you're a BYU fan and reading this post, odds are pretty good that your bishop will soon be calling you in to his office for a little "come to Jebus" talk, in regards to your reading habits.

So, going with the assumption that things are mostly crimson red in here today - combined with the fact that proper tailgating is absolutely verboten in Provo. I'm happy to bring you a few new options for your rivalry enjoyment. No matter if you're tailgating, chill'n in the casa or at the pub.
Desert Edge Rye Pale Ale -This is the first brand new beer brewed by Brewmaster Chad Krusell since taking over the reins at Desert Edge. This ale is nice and malty with a touch of rye spiciness. the hops are citrusy and fruity. It finishes semi-dry. This beer is soooo damn tasty. It wont be around for too long so be sure to snag a growler of this one for the game tomorrow. 4.0% ABV @ Desert Edge

Squatters Old Castle Brown Ale - As the name suggests this beer is akin to the English staple, New Castle Brown. This interpretation uses all English malts and is lightly hopped. the result is a brown ale that has more toffee and toasty flavors than it's American counterparts. Look for very low bitterness in this brand new seasonal. Very enjoyable. 4.0% ABV @ Squatters Downtown 

Proper Ainsley Amber - Not tried this yet, it will be released later this evening. Described as having rich earthy and fruity flavors to compliment the full-bodied amber base. The result has a nutty tang, a malty middle and a dry, dark chocolate finish with a int of smoke. This amber ale is imminently drinkable and surprisingly refreshing. 4.0% ABV @ Proper Brewing

These Ritual beers are new to the market. If you made it to the Utah Beer Festival the other week you may have got a sneak peak of these.

Ritual Wit's End - Not tried this one yet. It's described as having an orange, peppery and floral nose with flavors that are floral, malty and have a malty finish. 4.8% ABV @ The Bayou

Ritual Hop o Matic IPA -  The nose is piney with citrus peel and toast. The taste follows with ample hops, followed by resinous pine and a slight alcohol bite. An overall tasty IPA. 7.1% ABV @ The Bayou

Ritual Extra Red Ale - The nose is malty, with citrus and grass. The taste starts sweet with toffee, caramel and toasted malts. Next comes vague citrus notes with grapefruit, and a touch of pineapple. A very flavorful American Style Red Ale. Definitely worth trying. 6.5% ABV @ The Bayou

Ritual Hellion - Not tried this one yet. It's described as having a nose of fruity spices with lots of yeast spices and fruit flavors. Biscuit malts and caramel sweetness is abundant and has a dry hoppy finish. ABV. 8.4% ABV @ Bayou

New Beer Friday hit's the airwaves today at 3:30pm on KBER 101. Join Mick and Allen along with myself as we discuss this week's beers and other sudsy topics.  Go Utes!


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