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Thursday, September 22, 2016

RPM Brewing Company

If you live in the south end of  Salt Lake County you may have noticed a new restaurant located in Draper called the Garage - Not to be confused with the bar with the same name located on Beck Street in SLC. This new eatery is owned by the Equiwest Hospitality Group and will begin operating a nano-brewery at the Garage in the coming months.

Not only will there be a nano-brewpub but there will also be a production brewery that will be located in Salt Lake City. The nano operation is ready to begin brewing with a projected weekly production of 6 bbls. The Production facility will be in an 11,000 square foot facility to produce only kegged beers (for now) with a projected initial delivery of 5,000 bbl/year with a good portion to be consumed by the restaurant group.
Remember, the Garage is open right now, it's located at 1122 e. Draper Parkway in Draper. They are current pouring beers on their house tap handles made by Moab Brewing - until they've hired their head brewer. Think you're up to the job? Then here's the info on that position. There are also taps, bottles and cans from other local and national breweries being served right now.

As more details come in regarding the nano and production brewery, I'll fill you in. I love it when I can add another new brewery to the Utah list.



Aaron Saxon said...

Kind of ballsy to call it The Garage! Think they are in need of a serious name change in order to avoid any confusion!

BTreotch said...

it's also a pretty unremarkable name for a brewery if that's indeed what they're going with.

Sergio said...

When was RPM Brewery founded?

Mikey said...

Not sure, sometime in 2016