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Friday, May 05, 2017

New Beer Friday/Utah Beer Challenge Winner

Happy Cinco De Mayo and Nueva Cerveza Viernes (New Beer Friday)! If you're looking for some locally made beer with some south of the boarder flare - Epic's Los Locos or Beerito from Oskar Blues/Utah Brewers Cooperativeare just a couple of the many options out there for you to try. If not? I found five new brews that I think will make you happy.

Roosters Femintation American Ale - Full of char and roasted malt. Piney hops back it up with subtle alcohol. Very clean finish. Probably my favorite Roosters beer ever.7.5% ABV @ Rooster, Slackwater

Stone Enjoy By 5/29/17 - Tangerine/Grapefruit and mango mostly with a good dose of malts - nice balance. Nice body with a fairly dry finish. Surprisingly drinkable for a 9.4 % ABV DIPA.It's Fresh, fresh, fresh! @ Bayou, Beer Bar, Slackwater, Beerhive

Stone Dayslayer IPL - This one is a winner. Citrus peel, melon, berries & herbal hops dominate. Some Vienna malts backing it up. Spicy & dry in the finish. Quite tasty, you should try this.7.5% ABV @ Beer Bar, Slackwater, Bayou

Talisman Saison - Missed out on trying this one. Look for earthy yeast tones, mild to moderate tartness. Lots of spice and with a medium bitterness. This is under their Season Ale label. 

Proper Ragman Belgian IPA - This new higher alcohol version of their Belgo-IPA. The fruity and spicy esters from the yeast dominate the palate for the most part. The hop bill which comprises of some citrus peel flavors and botanicals play pretty well with these flavors. A fairly full bodied IPA. 6.0% ABV @ Proper Brewing

Today, you have declared that Shades of Pale's Grapefruit Revolution is the tastiest, locally made beer of them all. This sleeper, citrus bomb takes full advantage of it's name imparting huge citrus notes in a little IPA package. If you haven't had a chance to try this session-y dream you're really missing out. It's available at most grocery, C-stores and of course the brewery located at 2160 s. West Temple, Salt Lake City.

Trent/Alex/Marcio, I invite you to display this hastily crafted certificate of awesomeness wherever you see fit. Above the shitter comes to mind. Congrats again to Shades of Pale Brewing.

Thanks to everyone for participating in the High and Low Point Challenges. Feedback is always welcome.

Total Answer

59.06%Shades of Pale Grapefruit Revolution 75 (59.06%)

40.94%RedRock IPA Junior 52 (40.94%)

(127 Total Votes)
Don't forget, New Beer Friday with Mick and Allen on KBER101 this afternoon at 3:30pm.


Don D. said...

Way to go guys! Great beer and great people!🍻

Don D. said...

Way to go guys! Great beer and great people!🍻