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Friday, October 20, 2017

New Beer Friday 10/20/17

Happy New Beer Friday! All of the new stuff that I found this week is mostly hop driven. If hops aren't your thing, there is a tasty treat returning from Epic that I think you'll like as well.

2 Row - 1 Part East, 2 Parts West IPA: This beer from 2 Row basically tells it like it is. The taste starts on the east coast with creamy Orange Julius - like tropical fruits, peaches, mango and ends on the west coast with caramel grapefruit and pine. Another fabulous IPA from Brian Colman. 6.5% ABV Available at 2 Row, Bayou and Beer Bar

RoHa - Dry Hopped Three Deep: Served via Pin to celebrate the first six months of the RoHa Brewing project. Taps at 2pm tomorrow. FYI. a pin is a smaller cask size, essentially a half-firkin.

RoHa - Earl Grey Tea infused Back Porch Pale Ale: Served via Firkin to celebrate the first six months of the RoHa Brewing project. Taps at 2pm tomorrow.

Stone Enjoy by 10.31.17:  This beer is a classic west coast style IPA. The taste is semisweet caramel, pine and citrus. It has a huge bitter finish that is satisfyingly dry. This came to the market quite late, You only have eleven days to get on this one. 9.4% ABV Available at Beer Bar

Returning Favorites

Epic's Big Bad Baptista: Our favorite coffee/horchata beer returns today in all of it's vanilla, cinnamon and bourbony glory. If you were late to the game on this one last year, now is your chance to discover what all the fuss is about. 12.2% ABV. Available at Epic.

Proper's Foreign Gentleman Nitro Coffee Stout: My personal favorite from Proper returns on Saturday. Belgian yeast, roasted malts and local coffee. Oh baby! 4.0% ABV Available at Proper Brewing.


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