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Friday, October 27, 2017

New Beer Friday 10/27/17

Happy New Beer Friday. I found two beers this week; one of them is a seasonal from the RoHa Brewing Project. Let's hope we see more seasonal beers like this!

Guns and Oil - American Lager: A very clear, golden yellow with a nice sudsy cap of foam. The aroma is bready with some floral hops. The taste is honey-like with clean grassy, bitter hops. Light body and crisp. I wasn't too sure about this one, prejudging it by the name and packaging but it's a solid lager. Worth your quatloos. 4.6% ABV. Available at DABC stores.

RoHa - Autumn at the Project: This hopped up Red Ale is an homage to Autumn. Depending on viewing angle and the light coming through, this beer appears red, pink,  orange, purple, magenta, or brown, just like the leaves of fall. It has a crisp malt character and higher hop flavor and nose, and warms you up. First tapping is today. 4.0% ABV Available at RoHa

What did I miss? Please share.



holly said...

Have you tried the Ommegang Rosetta? I got it at the liquor store on 33rd and 33rd a couple of weeks ago. It had been a while since I'd made it to a liquor store, so not sure how long they've stocked it. It's an 'ale aged on cherries' and has a nice tartness. I'm usually hesitant with fruity beers, but this one sings me a song of fabulousness.

Mikey said...

Holly, that’s a great beer, the price point isn’t too bad either.