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Friday, October 13, 2017

New Beer Friday the 13th Part Deux

Be warned, I'm feeling a little ornery on this New Beer Friday morning. I desperately need a little attitude adjustment. Any suggestions?

2 Row Breakfast Stout: The newest entry from 2 Row has a nice aroma of coffee and some herbal hops. The Taste follows with some smoked molasses added and cocoa as well. The end is surprisingly hoppy and herbal. It's slightly over-hopped which seems to muddle the coffee flavors in my opinion. It looks like it's quite a hit. Don't wait too long, it moving fast! 7.8% ABV  Available at 2 Row and your better beer bars and restaurants.

Lagunitas Eroica: Th is new beer from Lagunitas pours a light amber color with little head retention. The nose tart and oaky with a bit of vinegar. It tastes mildly tart with oak-y red wine and tart cherry. A bit of vinegar in the end as well. It finishes dry with lingering sour notes. It's light and tasty, though I'm note sure what this beer is trying to be. Fuck it. Let it just be a tasty, tart beer. 8.0% ABV. Available at  Dick n Dixie's, Beerhive with more places being added.

Firestone Walker 2017 Helldorado: This "light barley wine" has notes caramel, vanilla and bourbon. Big malt sweetness hits right off the bat. with nutty cereal and caramel. Some honey flavors try to push out next but it's soon overtaken by oak-y bourbon. Most of the bitterness seems to come from the wood rather than hops. Seems to lack some of the balance it had from previous years. Still; a fine barley wine in any regard. Available at Dick n Dixie's and Beer Bar.

Talisman Witches Brew: I haven't hooked up with this witch yet. This is a Kolsch at it's base. And it's brewed with cranberries, orange peel and typical fall spices. 6.1% ABV. Available at Talisman's Brewery.

Mother Earth Four Seasons Autumn: I haven't had this one yet. I just couldn't commit to 22 ounces of 11.7% beer, solo. This is a barrel aged version of their Sin Tax Peanut butter Stout. I'm currious to see how this one works out. Have you had it? Please share, if you have. Available at Beerhive, Beer Bar, La Ferrovia, The Bayou.

Park City Oktoberfest: Caramel sweetness, a little nutty with Nilla Wafer notes and some grassy herbal hops. A nice seasonal offering from Park City Brewery. 4.0% ABV. Available at PCB's Brewery and Beer Bar.

Great Divide Chai Yeti: This new edition to Great Divide's Yeti series has dark chocolate and bitter cocoa notes with smooth chai and autumn spices rounding it out. It has some sweet latte qualities that chai fans will love. 9.5% ABV.  I found it at Beer Bar.


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Matthew said...

Cheer up Mikey. There is always beer!