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Friday, May 04, 2018

May the 4th Be With You - New Beer Friday

Today is practically a holiday for me. When two of my great passions collide (Star Wars and New Beer Friday), I get chocked-up quicker than Admiral Motti - pissing on the force. There's a nice selection of beers available today that will make your May the Forth Be With You pub crawl a huge success.   
Strap Tank IPA #2: Pineapple and stone fruit with a backbone of dank, but drinkable sense of bitterness (ain’t no NEIPA). This is an  O.G.W.C.I.P.A. 7.0% ABV; 75 IBU. Available only at Strap Tank. 

Brasserie Bocq Blanche De Namur: A solid aroma of coriander, wheat, and light fruit. The taste has a moderate amount of wheat, some coriander notes, light malt, a little bit of licorice, banana, a some orange peel. 4.5% Available at select DABC stores.

Upslope Nitro Pale Ale: I missed out on this one yesterday. If you've tried it please share! 4.0% Found at Beer Bar.

Base Camp Rye Saison: Spicy rye nose with a hint of Band-aid and apple. The taste is a nice combo of heavy rye malt, sweet honey, some graham cracker with a moderate dose of clove rounding out the back end. There is Brett in here as well but it's not huge on the palate. I'm currious to see how this tasty beer evolves over time. 7.5% Available at Beer Bar.

Lagunitas CitruSinensis:  The aroma is strong orange, grapefruit and sweet malt. The taste is a mix of semisweet caramel malt and citrus and pine hops. There is a substantial bitterness as well for balance. A very nice pale ale. 7.9%. Available at the Bayou.

Samuel Adams Sam '76: Missed this one too. It's supposed to be some kind of Ale/Lager hybrid. Have you tried it? Please share. 4.7%. Available at Bayou, DABC. 

May the Force Be with You!

1 comment:

Nos33 said...

I fist had the Sam Adams 76 at a texas roadhouse in oklahoma. It was really good. It tastes like a mix between an ipa and a heff. Tap is better than can.