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Friday, May 11, 2018

New Beer Friday 5/11/18

Ummm... we have a lot of beers to deal with this week; the majority of these coming from new breweries entering the market. Both Double Mountain and Odell breweries hit the Wasatch Front this week - with them comes a great variety of tasty new suds. Buckle up for a lengthy read.

Kiitos Rye Pale Ale:  Nice spicy rye with a lot of orange peel bitterness. Some lemon and pine in the finish. 4.0%. Available at Kiitos.

Kiitos North east Style DIPA: Lots of citrus, pineapple and maybe a bit of papaya. The taste starts out a bit sweeter and finishes with just a bit of an alcohol kick. Definitely more complex than its more readily available younger brother.

2 Row Barrel Aged Dangeraux: This is a great pairing of saison and chardonnay. This isn't a sour beer, but the vinious qualities and the estery notes from the yeast trick the tongue into thinking your going down that road. I really loved this beer. 10.4% - Available at 2 Row, Slackwater

Double Mountain Hop Lion: Dank pine resin, generic citrus flesh, some muddled tropical fruitiness. The taste is pleasantly caramel like with some orange and grapefruit citrus peel. There’s an earthy quality as well with a mildly dank, leafy, :and piney hoppiness. 6.7% - Available exclusively at Beer Bar

Double Mountain Pale Death: Aroma of tropical fruits and Belgian esters. This taste has tropical hops up front with the yeast's fruity esters melding with the malt sweetness. 9.3% - Available exclusively at Beer Bar.

Double Mountain Aging Experimental 9 3/4 Sour: stout 9.0%

Double Mountain Oak Aged Cider: apple brandy and whiskey aged 9.7% - Available exclusively at Beer Bar.

Double Mountain Devil's Cuvee Kriek: Bing and Vann cherries create a tart, fruity aroma with hints of leather and a dry funk. The flavor is of course tart cherries with a nice level of low PH tartness. It finishes with a spicy/funky Belgian yeastiness. 9.5% - Available exclusively at Beer Bar.

Double Mountain No Collusion: This Imperial Stout is full of char, licorice and mild dark fruit. The back end is fairly bitter throwing the whole thing off. It's okay. 10.4% - Available exclusively at Beer Bar.

Double Mountain The Eleven: This English style Barley wine is full of burnt toffee cocoa and vanilla with a hint of citrus peel. This is probably the best barley wine I've had in months. You need this in your life. 13.2% - Available exclusively at Beer Bar.

Odell Green Coyote: I missed out on this Berliner weisse with tomatillios. I'm definitely seeking this one out today. 5.2% - Available at the Bayou, DABC .

Odell 90 Schilling: This is one of those beers that put Odell on the map. This amber ale is mildly malt with a moderate dose of floral and piney hops. 5.3% - Available at Beer Bar, Beerhive, DABC, Dick n' Dixie's

Odell IPA: In my opinion, one of the best IPAs ever. Big orange peel and malt aroma. The taste is bitter citrus right off the bat followed by a nice dose of caramel and tropical fruits. 7.0% - Available at Beer Bar, Beerhive, Dick n' Dixie's, DABC

Odell Rupture: They call this a "fresh grind ale". Juicy aroma with lots of grapefruit, orange peel and crackers. The taste has a big dose of pine resin, mango, orange juice and grapefruit peel. has a lingering resinous finish. 6.0% - Available at the Bayou

Odell Drumroll: This unfiltered American Pale Ale is a solid, easy drinking beer with great tropical fruit notes. 5.3% - Available at the Bayou

Odell Myrcenary: This DIPA has a nose full of pineapple, grapefruit and pine. The flavor follows with juicy grapefruit, booze and pine.

Odell Loose Leaf: Found this on draft at Beer Bar. The nose is piney with grapefruit. The taste has mild grapefruit, thin malts and pine. Some tart citrusy fruits round it out. 4.0%

Full Sail Summa' Time Lime Lager: Missed out on this one. 4.5% - Available at DABC

Wasatch Coconut Curry Kolsch: Reminds me of a vague Thai curry dish. Pleasant doses of both curry and coconut. 4.0% - Available at Wasatch's PC Brewpub and the UBC's West Side Tavern

Brewery Ommegang GOT Hand of the Queen: Missed out on this Game of Thrones Barley Wine 10.7% - Available at DABC.

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Glen Lyon said...

It’s about damn time we got Odell beer in Utah. One of the nation’s top breweries in my opinion. I hope to see a variety at DABC. I’ll take a 5 Barrel Pale Ale for starters, and move on from there.

Matthew said...

Nice job Mikey! That's one hell of a new beer Friday!