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Friday, May 25, 2018

New Beer Friday 5/25/18

It looks like an all local New Beer Friday and I'm confident that you'll find something for every taste this week.

2 Row Chasing Haze: It looks like OJ. The nose is super aromatic and fresh with citrus, mango, papaya and melon. The taste opens with clementine, mango and overripe cantaloupe. It's super juicy but not overly sweet. Finishes dry with a subtle orange and grapefruit peel bitterness. Probably one of 2 Row's most well rounded hazy IPAs. 6.5% ABV. Available at 2 Row, Beer Bar, Dick n' Dixie's and The Bayou.

2 Row Dubbelicious: The nose is malty sweet with a hint of clove. The flavors here a burnt caramel, some toffee and bubblegum. Very little in the way of hop bitterness and alcohol. I really loved this one. It kinda reminds me of an old English ale with Begian yeast. The lower ABV really drives up the beer's drinkability factor. 6.7%. A very limited run on this one! Available at 2 Row and Beer Bar.

Bohemian Lagerpalooza Best of Show Pre-Prohibition Lager: This beer was developed by award winning home brewery Sasha Taddie and brewed in collaboration with Salt City Brew Supply and the fellas at Bohemian. It has an aroma of malt and cereal with some earthy yeast notes. The hops Hops are earthy, grassy. The taste is bready with dry crackers, red apple skin and Cheerios. Backing it up are  leafy, grassy, and herbal verdant hops. BoHo only brewed about 80 cases, don't wait! 6.0% ABV. Available at Bohemian

Roosters Limited Release Double IPA: Fresh hops dominate with grassy and floral bitterness. The malts have a butterscotch perfume. Big malt sweetness opens the show mostly floral and pine to counter. A hint of citrus in the back. Finishes semi dry. This seems like more of a throwback IPA; typical to the early 2000s. 8.0%. Available at Roosters Ogden/Layton. 

Fisher Galaska Pale Ale: It has a nice peachy hue with a lot of citrus peel on the nose. The flavor is also very citrus like with a good dose of citrus pith. It tastes like it was actually made with citrus peel. in reality it's all Galaxy and Denali hops. This beer won't be tapped until later this afternoon and the name listed above may or may not be correct. 4.0%. Available at Fisher.

Zion Paradox Session IPA: This isn't exactly new but it's relatively new to SLC. The aroma has citrus, pine and grass. The taste has toasted malt with a touch of light caramel up front. The back end is all hops - full of grapefruit peel and pine. This is a super crushable session IPA. 4.0%. Available at Zion Canyon and Beer Bar.

Squatters Black Rifle Coffee Cream: The nose has biscuit malts and coffee. The flavor follows with an almost nutty cafĂ© cream sweetness. The coffee flavors are nice and fresh. 4.0%. Available at Squatters Brewpub.   


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