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Friday, July 13, 2018

Another New Beer Friday the 13th

There's nothing unlucky about this Friday the 13th. We've got great a great selection of local and regional brews on this New Beer Friday the 13th; sounds pretty damn lucky to me!

Kiitos Kiitoria: Lime zest upfront, slightly tart with some mild acidity. Cracker in the middle with a hint of hay and grass.  Finishes crisp and clean with a light but tangible salt presence. Nice summer quencher. This beer is the first of many from Kiitos that will have a percentage of the proceeds go to a different charity with every batch. 4.0%. Available at Kiitos.

Shades Kveik #3: Tart flavors of juicy tropical fruits, citrus and berry start you off. Then a light amount of lactose sweetness kicks in, followed by light flavors of vanilla. The addition of lactose takes the tartness and gives it a very nice sherbet/gelato feel. Delicious! 6.3%. Available at Shades.    

Talisman Raspberry Gose: Very strong raspberry flavor, lightly sweet wheat/malt flavors, and a tart berry and lemon finish. This is a great fruited gose. 4.0%. Available at Talisman

Epic Drama Juice NEIPA: This dank and fruity mix of Comet and Simcoe hops produced a super citrusy and juicy IPA that has a decent dose of bitterness that comes through as orange/grapefruit pith. Very Nice! 6.2%. Very limited - only available in special growlers at Epic.

Wasatch Lemon Coffee Cream Ale: An odd combo of flavors here. It's not unusual to serve espresso with lemon peel of zest and I think that's the inspiration here. The result is a crazy salad of fruit and smoked/grilled veggies. It’s not my thing, but I appreciate the creativity. 4.0%. Available at Wasatch Park City and the West Side Tavern.

Lagunitas Cherry Jane: The aroma is a pleasant blast of sweet cherries with mild funky Brett. The taste is cherry forward, sweet and spicy pie cherries dominate for the most part. The funky Brettanomyces adds a bit of sourness to take some of the edge off of the cherry sweetness. Finishes tart and semi-sweet. This is a great beer and a nice entry beer for those looking to get into American wild ales. 5.5%. I found it at Beer Bar, Beerhive.

Ska Brewing Rue B. Soho: Subtle grapefruit on the nose. The palate is light and subtle with toasted grains and tangy grapefruit. The grapefruit doesn't linger long, and neither does the ever-so-slight bitterness of the hops. It's like an IPL with grapefruit. 5.1%. Available at DABC.

Cheers and have an excellent weekend!

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