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Thursday, July 05, 2018

New Utah Law Will Affect Your Beer Enjoyment

You will probably notice a change the the next time you hit your favorite brewpub. Thanks to the infinite wisdom from our religious overlords; all local eating establishments that fell into that gray area between bar and restaurant were forced to make a choice to be one or the other. Some places that did not require you to buy food with your pint will require you to do so - others may have gone the opposite way and have gone full 21 and over bar.

I learned a long time ago that no matter what advance may come our way in regards to legalizing adulthood our favorite prairie religion run legislature will most certainly bitch slap you back to the temperance movement with stupid shit such as this.

Please don't let these new designation dissuade you from enjoying these fine craft beer establishments; if they do, then they've already won.

Here is a list of your modified craft beer adulting options.  Restaurant = Food Required/Kids Allowed - Bar = No Food Requirement/No Kids Allowed:

2 Row Brewing Co. -  No change
A. Fisher Brewing Co. - Bar
Bohemian Brewery -  Restaurant
Bonneville Brewing Co. -  Restaurant
Desert Edge Brewpub - Restaurant
Epic Brewing at Dolce Sicilia - Restaurant
Epic Brewing Co.  - Bar
Grogg's (Pinnacle Brewing Co.) - No Change
Hoppers Brewpub - Restaurant
Kiitos Brewing Company - Bar
Moab Brewery - Restaurant
Mountain West Cider - No Change
Park City Brewery - Bar
Proper Brewing Co. - Bar
RedRock Brewing - Restaurant
RoHa Brewing Project - Bar
Roosters Brewing (Layton) - Restaurant
Roosters Brewing (Ogden) - Restaurant
Salt Flats Brewing Co.(AKA the Garage Grill) - Restaurant
Saltfire Brewing Co. - Bar
Shade Brewing Co. - Bar
Squatters Brewpub - Restaurant
Strap Tank Brewing Co. - Restaurant
Talisman Brewing Co. - Bar
The Avenues Proper Restaurant & Publick House - Restaurant w/separate bar
The Hop 'n Keg Brewery - Restaurant
Toasted Barrel Brewery - Bar
Uinta Brewery - Bar
Utah Brewers Co-op - Bar
Vernal Brewing Co. - Restaurant
Wasatch Brewpub - Restaurant
Zion Canyon Brewery - Restaurant

High West Distillery - Bar 

Let me know if there are any mistakes.


Doug Andrews said...

what does this mean for places like Kiitos that are now designated bars? Will they be able to pour high point now, or is the state still screwing them as far as that goes?

Mikey said...

The law basically affects restaurants and how they can serve alcohol. Kiitos was never a restaurant. It currently operates as a tavern and at some point will apply for a full bar license that will allow them to serve their higher alcohol beers. I hope that was helpful. Cheers.

Unknown said...

How about Epic? Will they no longer require you to order food in there tasting room?

Mikey said...

Epic no longer requires food at their SLC brewery.