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Friday, July 20, 2018

New Beer Friday 7/20/18

Happy New Beer Friday! For the most part this week's option are mostly out of the Northwest, get on these while they're fresh and new. Also keep in mind that Pie and Beer Day is coming up. I'll be talking beer with Mick and Allen on KBER101 today at 3:30, then from 4pm - 7pm I'll be with Bad Brad Wheeler on KUAA 99.9 to preview Pie and Beer Day stuff.
Toasted Barrel Brett Brown: A malty brown base beer with a good dose of funky Brett. More beer like this is going into oak barrels to become sourlicious and funkified! 4.0%. Available at Toasted Barrel.

Rogue Kulture Clash: This beer/kombucha blend tastes malty and doughy with funky herbal tea and some orange/grapefruit rind. A hint of tartness and earthy/leafy hops round out the end. Even if you're not a kombucha fan you may like this. 6.9%. Available at DABC.
Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion 10: The nose has a good ctirus and stonefruit along with light pine and bready undertones. The taste starts off with a bit of orange, grapefruit and light apricot. Next comes a nice earthy pine bitterenss that has lightly toasty malt undertones. Finish is mildly bitter with lingering grass and a hint of citrus pith. Very nice. 5.9%. Found at Beerhive.
Anderson Valley Hop Hyzer: This has an aroma of toasted grains and lemon and coriander. The flavor follows for the most part; adding more citrus, a more subdued spice profile and a good dose of malts. Finishes with medium bitterness. 4.9%.  Available at DABC.
Gigantic Kölschtastic: A good amount of toasted cereal with complimenting floral and citrus-like hops. Slightly over hopped, other that that very true to style. 5.0%. Available at Beer Bar.
Gigantic Kiss the Goat: Missed out on this one. It's described a Bock/Porter hybrid if that helps. Can't wait to get into this one. 8.0%. Available at Beer Bar.
Gigantic High Fidelity IPA: Light citrus, tangerine and hints of stone fruit, light pine and citrus hops, semi-sweet malts. Nice IPA that veers into APA territory. 5.9%. Available at Beer Bar.

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