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Friday, July 27, 2018

New Beer Friday 7/27/18

It's all about local tart and sour beers this week. That doesn't happen too often.

Epic Pie and Beer Day Sour Ale: This originally hit SLC on Tuesday it has aromas of dark fruit and oak. The taste is soured blueberries and boysenberries with some oak and red wine. Finishes with a good dose of funky yeast. Very nice. 7.7%. Available at Epic and Beer Bar.

Kiitos Cherry Berliner: This tastes a little less tart than some of Kiitos' other sour beers. This gives the cherry a chance to shine and really come through. Very nice. 4.0%. Available at Kiitos.

Uinta Alpenglow: This brand new wild ale from Uinta is being bottled this morning and should hopefully be ready sometime this afternoon. I should have tasting notes at 3:30 for New Beer Friday on KBER101. 9.4%. Available at Uinta.  

Toasted Barrel Grisette: This hoppy Belgian style is herbal with tea and a good dose of citra hops. 4.0%. Available at Toasted Barrel.

Deschutes Black Butte XXX: Missed out on this one. This Imperial Porter was blended using 8 different types of oak barrels, with notes of salted chocolate, whiskey and dried fruit.13.6%. Available at DABC.

Belhaven Scottish Ale: Missed out on this one. It's described as having a nutty, biscuit character, balanced with a subtle spiciness from Challenger and Goldings hops 5.2%. Available at DABC.


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