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Friday, May 24, 2019

New Beer Friday 5/24/19

This weather has me jonesing for barrel aged stouts. That's not ideal for the end of May; I'll persevere as I'm sure most of you will. Happy New Beer Friday.    

Hopkins - Patchwork Pale Ale: This rotation beer will change periodically with various malts and hops. This version features pale malts from Solstice malts and the Pink Boots Society's hop blend. 4.0%. Available at Hopkins.

UTOG - Hazy Melon: This new high point offering features Huell Melon and Nugget hops, giving it notes of melon and strawberry. Oats are also added providing a nice silky mouthfeel. 5.5%. Available at UTOG.

Proper - Cool Runnings: Big guava aroma. Taste follows with a generous amount of fruit. It’s not dry, but appropriately sweet. Finishes with an herbal bite. Nice fruited pale. 4.0%. Available at Proper.

Epic - Tart & Hazy: This is a basically a Barrel Aged Sour IPA. This is NOT a kettle sour. Full funk is in play. Super fruity with balsamic, caramel & tangerine. It's Brett based sourness is nice and round with a slight vinegar finish. If you like barrel sours, your kick yourself if you miss this. 7.5%. Only available at Epic (Growlers to go).

Brewery Ommegang - Fruitanomyces: The fruits are vague; can't really tell too much about what's in here. Brett is prominent throughout with a nice subtle sourness. The gas is prickly and champagne-like. Nice beer. 5.3%. Found at Beer Bar.

Firestone - Mind Haze: Citrusy and tropical in the nose with a touch of earthy spice. Tastes pretty clean with notes of lemon, grapefruit, orange, pineapple, papaya, berry along with grainy malts and earthy spice. Overall a really nice smooth hazy IPA. 6.3%. Found at Beerhive.

Melvin - Cloudy 5000: Aromas of dank hops and citrus. The taste follows with broad malt sweetness, onion and a good dose of grapefruit and tropical flavors. Somewhat bitter finish. Not the best representation of the style, but it's ok. 8.5%. Found at Beerhive.

Special Acquisitions from the Bayou

These beers hail from Italy, Belgium and and England. Sorry no tastes on these yet.

Birrificio Del Ducato Beciami Lipsia Gosa:

Birrificio Del Ducato La luna Rosa 2013:

Birrificio  Del Ducato Frambozchella:

Brouwerij Alvinee Cuvee Freddy Sofie:

Hanssens Experimental  Cassis:

Thornbridge Hall Bracia:

Baladin Xyauyu Oro Riserva 2014:


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