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Friday, January 10, 2020

New Beer Friday 1/10/20

It looks like the breweries are back in their grooves and the suds of 2020 have begun to flow. There's a strong variety of of new stuff this week along with a new east coast brewery's entry into the market.

2 Row - Galaxy Juice: This is the first new NEIPA to come out of 2 Row in a while. This one features galaxy, Simcoe and El Dorado hops. Look for flavors of honey malts, followed by juicy citrus, stone fruit and tropica hops which impart a light amount of bitterness which fades away almost instantly leaving lingering tropical citrus hop flavors. 7.0% Should be available as soon as the doors open thius morning.

Hoppers - Oat Brown Ale: This is and American style brown ale. It has a supper toasty grain profile with a good dose of hops that lean into the piny end of the spectrum. The oat addition gives in a nice silky feel. 5.0% - Available at Hoppers.

Roosters - Mountain Hazy: Obviously hazy in appearance with earthy mango dank pine and cantaloupe in the aroma. Taste-wise you get damp florals, sappy pine and a hint of cannabis. Overripe papaya. Candy sugar sweetness with an earthy bitterness. 5.0% Available at Roosters

Roosters Downhill Munich Dunkel: Missed this one. Look for a lager full of rich caramel and and toasted malts. 5.0% Available at Roosters.

TF Brewing - Pomegranate and Blackberry Berlinerweisse: Smells of pulpy pomegranate and black berry lactic sourness. Taste has the berries up front quickly being joined by the mild lactic sourness, doughy grain and light must. More tart than sour in the feel, bit of chewiness as well.

Jester King - Omniscience and Proselytism (Blend 4): This sour ale was re-fermented in oak barrels with Strawberries. The berries were matured then allowed to ferment to dryness. There's a refreshing lactic acidity, followed by earthy yeast and strawberry jam. Sweetness emerges as it warms, but remains bone dry and crisp in its finish. 5.0% Found at Slackwater.

Sierra Nevada - 40th Hoppy Anniversary: Pours a bright amber with a nose of grapefruit and pine. Taste follows suit. This is quite appropriate; seem like a throwback to what made Sierra Nevada great. If you love SN's pale ale and celebration ale you will like this. 6.0% Found at DABC.

Brooklyn Brewery -  Bel Air Sour: Brooklyn Brewery is brand new to the market. The Aroma is full with of muted lemon and mild funkiness - Tastes sour for sure, definitely a vinous quality - Feels light and dry with a puckering chardonnay like finish. 5.8% - Available at Select DABC.


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