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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Desert Edge to Package Beer

Desert Edge Brewing Co. has been a staple in Utah's beer scene since 1995. Hell, The Pub portion of the business has been in operation since 1972 - few establishments can claim that kind of longevity. In all of that time of making and serving beer, the draft only brewpub has never got into the packaging game... until now.

Through a little digging, I came across what appears to be a new label for a 'high point" IPA called Pando. The label art feature a tranquil, water color scene of aspen trees and appears to be designed for a 12 ounce can.

Desert Edge's head brewer, Chad Krusell makes some of the best pale ales in the state, I have high confidence that this 7.1% India Pale Ale will make the Trolley Square brewpub (and the state) proud.

More info on this endeavor will follow, as it comes my way. 


Image found at Labelvision.com

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