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Friday, January 03, 2020

New Beer Friday 1/3/20

Welcome to 2020! Utah's craft beer scene had a strong decade and it looks like the 20s will be equally progressive. Thanks for sticking with the Utah Beer Blog as we enter our fifteenth year of Utah specific beer nerding  - I wouldn't have lasted this long without all of your support. Here's your first New Beer Friday of the year.

Bonneville - Cool Fuzz: This new 'hazy' IPA is hopped with Cashmere. There's a good dose of lime and tropical fruits that provide high fruitiness with low bitterness, due to the late hop editions. This one is super fresh and only available at the source in Tooele. 5.0% 

Fisher - Life Throws Melons: The hop profile in this pale ale generates big flavor with assertive bitterness, adding significant citrus zest and cantaloupe fruit character. Lemongrass and herbal tea. Bitterness round it out. Nice pale ale. 5.0% - Available at Fisher.

Kasteel - Rogue: The aroma is mostly tart cherry that implies sweetness is coming. The taste confirms it with sweet pie cherries and a medium tartness. There's a hint of a malt floating around in the background. For a quad it feels a bit thin, though it is easy to drink. It's a little more fruit forward than I was expecting, but it's still tasty. 8.0% - Found at Beer Bar.

Don't forget that we have New Beer Friday this afternoon at 2:30pm on KBER 101, with Mick and Allen.


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D-Dub said...

Cool Fuzz will be making it's way to All Star bowling centers next week.