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Friday, July 17, 2020

Neew Beer Friday 7/17/20

Big thanks to Jeremy Ragonese for the New Beer Friday photo suggestions. If you come across a pic that find amusing and think it would make a great NBF meme throw it my way -  utahbeer@gmail.com - I hope you all like mango, because your about to get slaughtered with it this weekend.

2 Row Citra Grenade: Pours a murky bright yellow-orange with a finger of white foam. Aroma is orange, clementine, resin and melon, with pale and biscuit malts behind. Flavor profile is orange, clementine, melon, and mango. Malts hit notes of biscuit, and pale. Another great IPA from 2 Row. 8.2% - Available at 2 Row, Beerhive.

Fisher - Rotating IPA Series (Citra and Mosaic): I let this warm up a bit before jumping in. The hops are citrus forward with some hints of white pepper. Once in the mouth the bitterness is low though there is a slight tingling on the sides of the tongue. There's a lot of creamy oat and dried citrus peel. Bitterness is low, quite tasty.

Fisher - Safety Session Sour: Tart and lemony with mango fruitiness. The fruit is on the mellow-side which keeps the beer puckering and refreshing. Think mango lemonade. 5.0% - Available to go at Fisher.

TF - Watermelon Berliner Weisse: In the vein of the classic watermelon Jolly Rancher, this hits with a subtle smack of (you guessed it) watermelon. The base beer's tartness  it the rest of the way; no harshness or scratchiness, just puckering memories. 5.0% - Available at TF. 

TF - Imperial Mango Gose: This 11.2% Gose is pretty dangerous due to the heavy amounts of mango and the pleasant levels of tartness. This all hides the huge alcohol content. Very tasty stuff and you can buy it starting today. Only at TF Brewing.

Heber Valley - Tangerine Heberweizen: Missed this one. If you've had it please share your thoughts. 5.0% - Available at Heber Valley.

Bewilder -  Mango Blonde: Simple and solid. You can tell this is a blonde ale. The fruit doesn't cover it up. That being said the mango is upfront and fresh tasting. Probably as balanced a fruit beer you'll find. 5.0% - Available at Bewilder

Bewilder - Roasted Pineapple Chipotle Cream ale: The pineapple is lightly tart with some nice caramel notes. The chipotle is lightly smokey with very little heat. Tasty stuff.  5.0% - Available at Bewilder

Bewilder - Nitro Cream Ale: This one goes on the nitro tap today. 5.0% - Available at Bewilder

Lone Pine - Dream Team: This boasts a lineup of GALAXY, CITRA, MOSAIC, AMARILLO, and SIMCOE in the dry hop. The aroma is sweet with citrus, tropical fruit, and a noticeable florals.The  taste mirrors nose fairly close with a finish of mild citrus pith bitterness. Very drinkable for 8.0%. Found at Beerhive.

Mother Earth - Alone in Space: Smells dank, citrus and tropical elements. Tastes of orange, orange rind, peach, pineapple and passion fruit. A bit on the sweet side with little malt present. Medium bodied and carbonated, creamy mouth feel with a mildly dry finish. This is super fresh and brand new. 6.9% - found at Beerhive

Ninkasi - Peach Maiden the Shade: Missed this one. Search out your local DABC store for this one. 7.3%

Jester King/Brasserie au Baron - Noblesse Oblige: There are not a lot of Franco beers in our market, when there are, it's a good bet you had them at the Bayou. The French aren't really known for their beer, however when they do get out of that lager rut and embrace their old-world side – some great things happen. For example: this collaboration between Jester King and Brasserie au Baron. This is a bier de Garde brewed wit honey. 4.7%


RoHa - Stateroom Brew: This has for the most part only been available at the StateRoom and Commonwealth Room concert venues. It has now been given the canned treatment and is available at RoHa. 


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