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Friday, July 03, 2020

New Beer Friday 7/3/20

Welcome to July. I know that we had all hoped that most craft beer establishments would have been opened by now, I guess we'll just have to slap a big asterisk on this year and be grateful for what we get. Some of the things we did get this week was a new Utah style "lambic", some beers that will raise a little coin for charity and some new to our market beers. I'll take that any day.

Don't forget to stock up today. Many places will be closed tomorrow.

Toasted Barrel - To Be Home: Fermented with cultures taken from our own Utah air. The nose is oaky and dusty with some funk and vinegar. Some toast, vegital notes and barnyard funk start us off. Hints of apple and honey come next. There's some cotton candy floating around in there as well. The finish is mostly white wine vinegar with husky wheat notes and it finishes fairly dry. 7.0% - Very limited and only at Toasted Barrel.

Red Rock - All Together: This is part of an world wide open-ended beer collaboration that was put together by Other Half Brewing. 100% of the net proceeds go to the Tip Your Server Program.You'll rememebr TF Brewing also made this beer. Anyway this beer is really aggressively hopped and is full of citrus and tropical flavors, malts are honey-like and the whole package is very well balanced. AT 6.5%, I could kill 1000 ml. no problem (and probably will). Don't wait too long to pick this one up - there's no limit on what the RR beer store can sell.

Saltfire - Black is Beautiful:  The Black is Beautiful Initiative is a collaborative effort amongst the brewing community and its patrons in an attempt to bring awareness to the injustices that people of color face on a daily basis. This beer is an oatmeal stout - you can tell by the silky pour. The aroma is char with some metallic copper . Taste-wise this is very coffee driven even though there's no coffee. It's quite smooth with caramel and cocoa finishing it out.  Proceeds from Saltfire's version of this collaboration beer will go to support the Black Lives Matter Utah Chapter and the Utah ACLU. Only available at Saltfire.

Talisman - Hot Girl Summer: This a honey wheat beer made with lavender. 5.0% - Limited - only at Talisman.

Talisman - Just For Brandi: Apparently Brandi wanted a blueberry sour ale. It looks like she got one. 5.0% Limited - only at Talisman.

Strap Tank - Orange Hopsicle: Aggressively hopped with whirlpooled Mandrina Bavaria and post dry-hopped with the same - with a ton of sweet orange peel. This is a goddamn Creamsicle. 5.0% - Only at Strap Tank (Lehi). 

Strap Tank - Sweet A$$: This hazy pale ale is hopped only with Nelson Sauvin hops. There's a shload of white grape, gooseberry and Tropical notes. Extremely juicy. 5.0% only at Strap Tank (Springville). 

Bonneville - Sun Twist: This version of Sun Twist is slightly different than previous year's. Look for a slight kettle soured tartness with fresh lemon and ginger. Perfect for a warm day. 5.0% - only at Bonneville.

Bewilder - Mango Blonde: This one debuts today. Given the name I think you know what to expect. 5.0% - at Bewilder

Bewilder - El Guapo: This is a Vienna lager made with whiskey barrel aged coffee. The coffee isn't in your face and you can still detect the base beer. The whiskey element is subtle and is more pronounced as it warms. 5.0% - at Bewilder.

Fisher - Cedar Mesa: A citrus and pine driven pale ale made with Strata and Sabro hops. Medium bitterness. 5.0% - only crowlers to go from Fisher.

Fisher -  Moon Boots: This one is more tropical and fruity. Bitterness is low with a silky body. 5.0% - only crowlers to go from Fisher.

Policy Kings - Pass Da Haze: Dry-hopped with Warrior and Mandrina Bavaria hops. Look for a citrus and tropical flavors, including pineapple and mango. Low bitterness. 5.0% - only at Policy Kings.

Epic - Hard Coconut Water: I don't think anyone has tried this yet. It's coconut with a kick and is strangely refreshing. The current version is 5.5%. in the coming weeks you'll also see a 5.0% version as well in grocery stores. For now it's only at Epic starting today.

Godspeed Otsukaresama: Some lightly toasted and sweet malts blend with herbal notes from the hops. There's a hint of citrus as well with some barely noticeable apple peel. Finishes semi-dry. A very nice Dortmunder. 4.8% - Only at the Bayou (to go sales only).

The Bruery - Wit the Funk: Missed this one. It's brewed with orange peel and coriander and fermented with wit yeast, brettanomyces, and Terreux's house mixed culture. Aged in oak foeders until final maturation, the result is a complex beer that's tart, funky, oaky, citrusy, and super drinkable. 5.4% - Available at Slackwater (Sandy)

Offshoot - Pils: These guys are new to the market and hail from Placentia, CA. This new Pils is different than most you've tried as it's dry-hopped with Citra, Nelson, Simcoe and Sterling.  The result is A a more citrus and berry forward lager That has a much more Neo-American feel. 5.7% - Available at Slackwater (Sandy)

Offshoot - Retreat: This hazy double IPA is hopped heavily with fruit-forward Mosaic, Cashmere and El Dorado. Laced with delicate and aromatic tropical notes along with a bright berry medley and a crisp mouthfeel. 8.6% - Available at Slackwater (Sandy)

Kawaba - Snow Weizen: Another new brewery to the market comes all the way from Gunma, Japan. This comes off as across between a witbier and weizenbock. The nose is sweet with honey and biscuit. The flavor is dominated by more wheat and honey flavors. Not too estery. 5.2% - Available at Slackwater (Sandy)

Kawaba - Twilight Ale: Kawaba calles this a “JPA” (Japanese Pale Ale). Bitter but light hop aroma and soft bitterness compared to regular Pales or IPAs. A nice balance of hop bitterness, malt and umami. 5.2% - Available at Slackwater (Sandy)

Prairie Artisan Ales - Rainbow Sherbet: Missed this one. Look for tart flavors of raspberry, pineapple and orange. 5.2% - Available at Slackwater (Sandy)

Prairie Artisan Ales - Vape Tricks: Tart, lactic nose, followed by cherry candies.
Not overly sour in the mouth; tart, cherry and green apple levels of tart. Lighter end of medium bodied beer, mild carbonation but not overly bubbly, dry. 5.9% - Available at Slackwater (Sandy).

The following are available From Hopkins Brewing. click on the image to enlarge.

Cheers and have a safe holiday!


Matthew said...

Nice! Happy holiday Mikey!

Mikey said...

Cheers Mathew!

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