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Friday, July 31, 2020

New Beer Friday 7/31/20

It's going to be a sweltering day. You owe it to yourself to snag a a finely crafted beer and hide inside while the heat demons ruin all that hard yard work you're so proud of. Meh... what are you gunna do? Happy New Beer Friday

Level Crossing - Cosmic Saunter: Has a hazed golden color with a tall puffy white head. Strong nose with  highly aromatic hops of grapefruit and citrus. Lesser scents of pine and wood plank. In other words it smells like you would expect a good IPA to smell. Tropical scents and the malt exists as a big scent of pineapple juice. Mild trace scents of dank herbs. The taste starts out dry and fruity with citrus peel on the tongue. This is backed by a low dose of resiny pine. Mildly bitter and quite herbal in the mouth, this does taste like they slipped some dank herbs to spice it up a little more. Tastes like it smells bit it isn't harsh at all. If you like the fruitiness of NEIPAs But need more bitternes from your ale this is the one. 8.0% - on sale today at Level Crossing.

Uinta/Kiitos - Barleywine: This collaboration was meant for a better, simpler time. when you could have a nice, collaboration party. Sadly this is not that world anymore. This new barley wine hits with aromas of toffee, molasses, brown sugar, earthy tobacco, leather, figs, raisins, oak, vanilla & some sherry-like vinous notes and a hit of herbal tea. Flavors follow the nose with bold caramel and toffee notes, as well as a sherry-like sweetness, earthy tobacco and peppery oak, a variety of dark fruits on the finish with more caramel. Medium/light body with moderate carbonation, foamy mouthfeel and slightly warming finish. Simply an outstanding English Barley wine. 9.1% - only at Uinta. Due to DABC bullshit this is not currently available at Kiitos.

Salt Flats - Rush Hour: The aroma has sour lacto and buttery grape. Not overwhelmingly sour, but expressive and tart. The taste is nice, a little woody with some funk, but this a kettle sour.  Nice chardonnay profile that quickly dries out with darker wines and a nice bit of sour lemon. The finish is nice, though, and it's not too acidic or devastating. A great experimental beer. 7.0% This doesn't go on sale until August 3rd at Salt Flats.

Epic - Put the IPA in the Coconut: The appearance is cloudy with a thick finger of dense, rocky foam. There a grapefruit juice and spiced orange quality with mellow coconut. Malty underpinning with big sweetness up front. Mango and grapefruit in the exhale of all of the sweetness. The coconut drives on competing with green melon and pine in the finish. Some alcohol swirls in the mouth towards the end. 8.0% 0- Avaiable today at Epic.

Proper - Libre: I missed this new Mexican style lager. Look for fruity esters with light malt and hops. it's 7.1% should put you in your happy place much more quickly than many other Mexican style options out there.

Shades - Slurry (Strawberry Lemon): Slurry is a new line of "triple fruited" sours. This one has no lactose and comes across very sorbet like; much less sweetness though. the lemon is fresh tasting with hints of lemongrass. the strawberry is subtle and it helps keep the tarter fruits in check. 5.0% Available now at Shades.

Toasted Barrel - Summer Cream Ale: Decent nose with some hints of light roasted malt and biscuit. Taste really comes out as it warms. If this was on nitro this would rock as a British pub style. 5.0% Available today at Toasted Barrel.

Heber Valley - Norsk Pilsner: I missed this, but the name is making want to make a trip to Heber though. 5.0% Only at Heber Valley.

Bewilder - Pink Guava Sour: This hits taps later this morning. 5.0% - only at Bewilder.

Fisher - Idaho Connection: Lots of nice citrusy hops in the nose, nice malt smell as well. Not too complex but a really nice aroma with great citrus/resin mix of hop in this hop forward beer. 5.0% at Fisher.

Strap Tank - Purity Hefeweizen: Missed this, 'made to old world specs' beer. 4.7% - available at Strap Tank's pubs.

Jopen - What If Hop Was One of Us: This hoppy sour beer boasts melon and grapefruit. There is some nice funk as well that is light and well refined. Its light body definitely draws attention toward the the nice barrel flavors from the  funky bugs. 4.7% - exclusively at the Bayou.

Amager/Forest & Main - Psychotronic Popcorn aka - Psychotropic popcorn: This is a light saison with light yeast esters and a clean finish. Kinda reminds me of a Belgian blonde.  4.2% - exclusively at the Bayou.


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