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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Eleventh Day of Xmas: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

Oy! I got stuck with the stomach flu kids, so day eleven is going to be brief. Sorry... So, on the Eleventh day of Xmas may barkeep served me a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.

Saving one of the best for last, this one pours a nice ruby/brown with two fingers of head which left a beautiful web of lace in the glass. The nose was of caramel sweet malts banana and vanilla bean with a nice balance of piny hops. The taste was mostly sweet carmel, vanilla and a hint of hazelnut. The finish was dry and and had a nice piny bite. They list this as an IPA but I can easily see this being a "Strong" or "Spice" ale. Either way, it’s an awesome beer. It dials in at 6.8% abv and you'd never know it. Available state-wide. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Celebration is always a nice beer and this year is no exception. I'm always a fan of winter beer -- Hibernation is my favorite, and it's locally available here in Denver.

Just stumbled across your blog. Good to know people on the other side of the mountains have good taste in beer!


Mikey said...

Mmm... I love Hibernation. My wife and I were in Denver for the GABF last Oct. and toured Great Divide's facility. One of our favs was the Yeti in Oak.

Darren R said...

I just had the 2012 version tonight, and it was great. Celebration and Bigfoot are a couple of my favorites by Sierra Nevada.