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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Three Sheets Returns!

The best show on T.V. dedicated to adult beverages returns tonight on Mojo. If you've never seen or heard of Three Sheets, imagine a travel show that deals only with the indigenous 'hooches' of foreign lands and the customs that surround said 'hooches'. That in itself sounds like a good time, then mix in the priceless timing of host Zane Lamprey and you have one of the best half-hours on the telly.

Each episode follows a basic formula, Zane, introduces the country, profiles and samples local concoctions, visits a few watering holes, experience the traditions, then wakes up the next day and tries the local hangover cures. Along the way you'll also learn a little history and meet the local color. Zane is very entertaining and obviously loves what he does.

The only drawback(for some) is that it's only available on Mojo. An HD only channel that as far as I know, is only available through Comcast in the Salt Lake market. But don't worry, I have have your back. If you can't watch it via Comcast here's a link to a website that streams Three Sheets episodes for free. New episodes air every Thursday at 7pm(mountain). Cheers!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just watched an episode with a beer of course. Thanks for the link.