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Monday, April 21, 2008

Utah's World Beer Cup Winners

644 breweries from 58 countries, entered a vast array of beers spanning 91 categories last week at The World Beer Cup in San Diego. Friday night the winners were announced, and once again Utah's brewers had another great showing. Local brewers entered 56 beers and came back with 6 medals. Two gold, three silver and a bronze. That may not sound like a lot, but it gave Utah's beers the fourth highest winning percentage by states entered. Here's a breakdown of the top U.S. medal winners by percentage and those great 2008 award winning Utah beers.

Leading Medal-Winning US States – 2008 World Beer Cup
State- # of Entries, # of Medals Won, % of entries winning medals.
Alaska- 42-6-14%
Colorado- 173-22-13%
Oregon- 123-16-13%
Utah- 56-6-11%
Illinois- 86-9-10%
Washington- 80-8-10%
California- 374-35-9%
New York- 89-8-9%
Gold: Cutthroat - Uinta Brewing Co. Salt Lake City, Utah
Gold: Alt and in the Way - Squatters Pub Brewery. Salt Lake City, Utah

Silver: Polygamy Porter - Utah Brewers Cooperative. Salt Lake City, Utah
Silver: Bobsled Brown - Utah Brewers Cooperative. Salt Lake City, Utah
Silver: Redrock Nut Brown Ale - Redrock Brewing Co. Salt Lake City, Utah

Bronze: Provo Girl Pilsner - Utah Brewers Cooperative. Salt Lake City, Utah
Note: Four of those six beers are bottled. There's no reason why they shouldn't be taking up space in your fridge. Use the crisper if you have to.


Anonymous said...

Great. I am not suprised about Alaska, Midnight Sun and Alaskan Brewing are both doing great things. Where is Unita BW?

Mikey said...

I asume you mean Uinta's Barley Wine? It's a shame it didn't medal. It took the silver at wbc in '04. Beer Geek Factiod: Uinta contract brewed for Midnight Sun a few years back when they were trying to break into the intermountain market. Sadly they are now gone.