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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Utah's Worlds Beer Cup Entries

Today judging begins in San Diego for the 2008 World Beer Cup. On April 19th beer makers from around the world will compete in what is referred to as "The most prestigious beer competition in the world".

Utah brewers stacked up an impressive stack of hardware, acquiring seven medals. Two bronze, four silver and one gold. 33% of the beers entered won medals. Only six other states had better medal counts.

Here is an incomplete list of some of the Utah brews being judged this year.

Squatters Pub Brewery ENTRIES -
Black Forest Schwarzbier - Category: German Style Schwarzbier

Vienna Lager - Category: Vienna Style Lager

Alt and in the Way - Category: German Style Brown Ale/Dusseldorf-style Altbier

Emigration Amber Ale - Category: American Style Amber/Red Ale

Epiphany (Vanilla Porter aged in a Bourbon Barrel) - Category: Wood and Barrel-aged Dark Beer

Fifth Element - Category: Belgian French Style Ale - Saison.

Broadway Kolsch - Category: German-Style Kolsch / Koln-Style Kolsch

Utah Brewers Cooperative ENTRIES -
The Devastator Double Bock by Wasatch - Category: German Style Strong Doppelbock

Ava Lee by Squatters - Category: Belgian Style Triple

Squatters India Pale Ale - Category: English Style India Pale Ale

Wasatch Polygamy Porter - Category: Brown Porter - Low alcohol

Squatters Provo Girl Pilsner - Category: German Style Pilsner - Low alcohol

Wasatch 1st Amendment Lager - Category: European Style Lager - Low alcohol

Wasatch Evolution Amber Ale - Category: Irish Style Red Ale

Squatters Full Suspension Pale Ale - Category: Cellared or Unfiltered Ale - Best Bitter or Special Bitter

Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen - Category: Fruit and Vegetable Wheat Beer

Squatters Chasing Tail Golden Ale - Category: English Style Summer Ale

Squatters Hefeweizen Category: American Style Hefeweizen

Squatters Organic Amber Ale - Category: American Style Amber/Red Ale

Bobsled Brown by Wasatch - Category: German Style Brown Ale

Squatters Orphan Abbey - Category: Belgian Style Table Beer

Squatters Captain Bastard Oatmeal Stout - Category: Classic Irish Style Dry Stout

Uinta Brewing Comapny ENTRIES-

Golden Spike - Category: American Style Hefeweizen

Kings Peak Porter - Category German-Style Schwarzbier

Gelande - Category: American-Style Amber Lager; California Common Beer

Cutthroat - Category: Ordinary Bitter

Anniversary Barley Wine - Category: American-Style Barley Wine

Solstice - Category: German-Style Koelsch/Koeln-Style Koeslch

Anglers - Category: American-Style Strong Ale

Four Plus Brewing Co. ENTRIES-

Monkshine - Category: French or Belgian-Style Saison

Also, Cutthroat ( a 3 time World Beer Cup medalist) will be one of the featured beers at the competitions Gala Dinner this year.

I'm sure there are more beers entered from other brew pubs but that the stuff I know of. Winner will be announced April 19th. I'll try to get the winners list out ASAP. Cheers.

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