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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Home Brew Bill Moves Passes Utah Senate

After a brief meeting to work out differences with the House, the Senate gave final approval yesterday to allowing home brewing of beer and wine without a license.

HB51, sponsored by Rep. Christine Johnson, D-Salt Lake, would allow anyone over the age of 21 to brew up to 100 gallons of beer or wine at home per year, or up to 200 gallons in a household with more than one adult.

The bill was amended in the Senate to restrict the amounts of beer and wine allowed for personal consumption or for entry into brewing competitions. The House refused to concur with the Senate amendment and a conference committee was appointed to reach a compromise.

Three Republican senators voted against the compromise version of the bill, including Senate Majority Assistant Whip Gregory Bell, R-Fruit Heights.
"I'm not comfortable with home brewing," Bell said. "It seems fraught with mischief to me. Maybe I don't understand it."

The proposal will now head to the governor's desk for final action. He is expected to sign the bill.

On KSL radio this morning I heard reporter Andrew Adams say "It's now legal to make moonshine". Which is beyond incorrect. It's no wonder people like Senator Bell are "uncomfortable" with homebrewing when supposed reputable news outlets are spewing such blatant and uninformed information.

Oh well. Congratulations are still premature, but nicely done everyone!


T said...

Yeah!!! That's awesome news.

(I love that moonshine quote, that cracks me up.)

Matt Hendry said...
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Anonymous said...

One step closer:


Just needs a Huntsman signature.

Anonymous said...


Man, that "Maybe I don't understand it" line is perfect. God forbid we ask you to "understand" the subjects you are being paid to craft public policy on...

Anonymous said...

I think the big "issue" there is that Utah is a good majority Mormon...which, if I remember right, means drinking is against their religion.

They are a little behind on the times...