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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Brew Pub in Providence?

Tuesday evening Providence City Mayor Randy Simmons said that he would ask the town’s lawyer to look into creating an ordinance allowing brew pubs in the small town located in Cache County.

That ordinance would still have to be debated and approved by the City Council, which started gathering information by inviting Neil Cohen, licensing and compliance specialist for the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, to Tuesday’s meeting.

Iron Gate Grill owner Jeremy Jones, who attended the meeting, said that he is interested in brewing beer for his restaurant and selling it to other eateries. Utah law would require that his product not exceed 4.0% alcohol by volume.

“It will attract traffic,” he said. “It’s another thing that would set us apart from the franchise businesses. It’s a struggle for a home-grown restaurant to make it in this industry with Olive Gardens and Applebees and stuff coming in with big money and big advertising campaigns. This is one thing I feel like could help give us an extra niche.”

If Providence gives him the green light and he obtains the necessary state and federal permits, Jones said it would take him at least six months to set up beer-making equipment.

So, if the city of Providence passes the ordinance Iron Gate could be making and selling beer within the year, beating out Cache Valley Brewing's attempt to become Cache County's first brewery in almost a century. Good luck Jeremy, we've got your back!

Providence City is a small town located approximately one mile south of Logan in Cache County.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to them. Competing with, and beating out franchises with better tasting and more environmentally friendly beer is what the craft movement is all about. I like where this is going. Now, what about St. George?

Anonymous said...

In muslim as the main religion country like Malaysia, is not easy to have new brewery... we have only 2 big one carlsberg and GAB, we wish more beer are bring it, so that we have more choice to choose from!