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Monday, February 16, 2009

Rude Ram Red at Roosters

To honor the dedication and respect between the Air Force and the public. Rooster's in Layton has concocted a new beer. Rude Ram Red is named for Hill AFB's 34th fighter squadron. Tom "Divot" Smith, Squadron Commander and F-16 fighter pilot has been rallying for two years for Roosters to brew up a unique beer for the Rude Rams and to reciprocate the ram's presented Roosters with a with a large portrait of one of the Ram's F-16's flying over Iraq with the Roosters logo in the window. The portrait displayed prominently in the lobby at Rooster's Layton Brewpub.

Although Roosters can't brew a beer for every squadron or unit on base, it shows an amount of respect and appreciation through small things, that come from a sense of community between Hill Air Force Base and the community it's apart of. Rude Ram Red is on tap now only at the Layton brewpub. Cheers!

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