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Friday, March 20, 2009

Hard Times Ale

Coming next week, Roosters in Ogden is offering up Hard Times Ale. It is a no-nonsense, no-frills, bare-bones brew to help craft brew lovers get through these tough economic times. Brewmaster Steve Kirkland, waived his salary for a day and brewed a special beer using a less expensive malt and hop bill recipe than his other beers and plan to pass the savings on to friends of Roosters. That'd be you!

Hard Times Ale is light in body (though not a "lite" beer) and very drinkable. My guess is that It'll go down much easier than the stock market. Hard Times Ale, A Brew to Get You Through!

Also on tap at Roosters in Ogden and Layton:
-Irish Stout. Brewed with a peated Malt which has the smoke of a peat fire passed through it
to impart a smoky quality to the grain and a taste of The Ol' Sod.
-Deep Powder Dortmunder. A golden lager with low hop and a dry, bread like flavor.


Anonymous said...

why is there a lemon wedge in it?....dumb

Mikey said...

Since it hadn't been released as of my posting I used another photo of a Roosters beer. Sorry for the confusion.