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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Smokestack Series Comes to Utah

Last November Boulevard Brewing out of Kansas City, Missouri entered the Utah market with two of it's staples, their Unfiltered Wheat and their Lunar an American version of a Dunkel Weizen.

Now comes word that Boulevard's Smokestack Series is now on it's way.

The Smokestack Series features bold, complex beers with higher alcohol content, and
includes both traditional varieties and experimental brews. The first four releases consist of
Boulevard Saison, a “farmhouse” ale, Long Strange Tripel, a Trappist-style “abbey” beer, Double-Wide I.P.A., an India pale ale, and The Sixth Glass, a Belgian-style quadrupel ale.

The Bayou plans to introduce these ales to beer lovers in the coming months. The beers
are packaged in 750 ml champagne bottles with cork-and-cage closures. No word yet on the pricing. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Now this sounds awesome. Are we looking at a Bayou only release here? Great news.

Mikey said...

Initialy they will be exclusive to the Bayou. If they sell well, and they will. The state may pick them up.

kent said...

Awesome news! Thanks Mike

Anonymous said...

BTW, has anyone seen any of the North Coast stuff yet besides the Pale Ale? Bayou?

Mikey said...

NO. But the DABC changed it's listing from "general" to "Limited" distribution. So we'll just have to keep our eyes open.

Anonymous said...

But a 'L' listing should still be in some stores, like the Wine Store and Park City. Why would one come out, but the others stay in the Warehouse?